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Laura Knowles

A Friend to Nature: Activities and Inspiration to Connect with the Wild World


Celebrate the natural world and with practical activities and ideas to help the wildlife and the environment on your doorstep and worldwide.

This is my pledge, my promise, my vow,

Lasting forever, starting now:

I'll be a friend to nature.

Starting with a pledge in poetic form, this book is a call to arms for the next generation of peaceful eco warriors. Broken down into sections of activities, each lyrically relates back to the metaphor of being a friend to nature.

The activities themselves are short, easy, and fun, with a few more extensive projects mixed in. These are interspersed with nature quotes, poetry, and other thought-provoking musings, as well as pieces of simple non-fiction information, such as the life cycle of a frog, a butterfly, a cross section of a flowering plant, and why you should always wish on a dandelion clock.

The final section explores what nature can give back to us in turn; that if we look after the natural world, we will always have a friend in nature - a space to be calm, to pause and think, to recharge, to bring us joy, amusement, and health.