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Angela Woolfe

Agent Llama


Meet Charlie Palmer: super SPY and fluffy llama! She catches bad guys; she defeats evil scientists determined to destroy the Earth; and she even flies pilotless planes!

Charlie Palmer, super spy has been summoned for a top-secret mission: to find the president's underpants! She gets herself geared up. Gadgets ready? Check! Sunglasses on? Check! But who could have taken the underpants? Could it be Greta Grimm and her goons? Watch out, bad guys! Villains are no match for this AWESOME llama!


About the Author
Angela Woolfe decided to become an author at the age of four after writing a mind-blowing four-line poem called The Postman Is Very Good. She also writes books for older children and has occasionally - she's still not quite sure why - written for grown-ups, too. She lives in London with one husband and one daughter.

Duncan Beedie is an author and illustrator with over 15 years experience working in children's media. He began his career in children's TV as an animator before branching into design and animation for websites, games, and educational apps. In his spare time, Duncan likes to walk his dog and help his daughter improve her video-gaming skill set.