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Emma Reynolds

Amara and the Bats


Environmental activism gets a nocturnal twist in this utterly charming picture book about a young girl and her mission to save the bats

Amara loves bats Her favorite thing to do is to collect bat facts and watch the amazing mammals fly at night by her house. But when Amara moves to a new town, she learns that her beloved bats no longer roost nearby because so many trees are being cut down.

Amara is upset. What can she do to help? She's just one person, and the problem feels so much bigger than her. But after doing some research, she discovers that there are many young people making big changes all around the world. Inspired to take action, Amara gathers her new friends to help save the bats. Together, she knows they can make a difference

Emma Reynolds crafts an inspiring story about community action, perseverance, and what to do in the face of climate anxiety. At its heart, this is a story about hope and finding a place to call home.


About the Author
Emma Reynolds is an illustrator and author based in Manchester, UK. Amara and the Bats is her author-illustrator debut. Passionate about storytelling and creating unique characters, Emma has been dreaming of making her own books since she was five. Emma started the #KidLit4Climate illustrated campaign, bringing together thousands of children's illustrators and authors from more than fifty countries in solidarity with the youth climate strikes. She is inspired by nature, animals, adventure, and seeing the magic in the everyday. Visit her at Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @EmmaIllustrate.