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Kyria M. Williams

Are You Really His Good Thing?


Are You Really His Good Thing addresses the perspective of being a wife in society today. Readers will see that the teachings will reside in biblical verses and God's viewpoint of how wives are to be for Him as well as their husbands. Several important aspects of being a wife are discussed, using the authors' personal stories and memories to shape what God's approach to marriage and what our human approach is to marriage. The contrasting viewpoints will resonate with readers, as we wish to adopt a Christ like character in marriage but we typically lead with the flesh-focused character. Combining these topics with scripture and testimony creates meaningful relationship advice wives and future wives will appreciate. The questions and suggested actions from the authors for readers accommodate well the topic in each section/chapter, while instilling encouragement to readers to ponder on the questions/actions. The questions/actions flesh out the meat of the advice of the chapter and are shaped to inspire readers to think on the matter and make positive changes in their marriages (or future marriages).