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Susan Hughes

Carmen and the House That Gaudí Built


A joyful celebration of the nature-inspired work of architect Antoni Gaud
Carmen Batll and Dragon, her imaginary salamander friend, love exploring the woods behind their home. But when Carmen's family announces a move to the city, Carmen is miserable. Not only will she lose her connection to nature, she will also lose Dragon. After all, the city is no place for salamanders.
As she watches her family's new house take shape under famous architect Antoni Gaud , Carmen discovers Gaud also has a passion for the natural world. Walls curve and rise like a cave, mosaic flooring sparkles like lilies on a pond, and a fireplace shaped like a mushroom keeps the house warm. Best of all, there's even a place for Dragon
Inspired by the real Batll family and the house Gaud designed for them, this picture book encourages readers to find inspiration in their surroundings and keep their hearts open to change. Stunning watercolor illustrations bring Gaud 's inventive designs to life. An author's note provides more information about the real story behind the house and Gaud 's lifelong passion for nature.