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Sharon Abimbola Salu

Christmas in Lagos


A delightful and charming story celebrating Christmas in Lagos, a modern West African city. This picture book explores the sights and sounds of Lagos at Christmas through the eyes and words of a little Nigerian girl writing a Christmas journal.

A cold, dry wind blew in from the Sahara desert
and into Ranti's room

It is ten days to Christmas, and also the last day of school.

Ranti, a six year old girl who lives in the West African city of Lagos, Nigeria, sits in class and listens to her classmates describe all the exciting, far-away places they will visit during the Christmas holidays. Many of them will travel abroad for Christmas with their families.

Ranti feels left out, and believes that her Christmas will be the most boring Christmas ever because she will be spending it in the city where she lives: Lagos. Because there is no snow in Lagos, she won't go ice skating or build a frosty snowman.

However, with the encouragement of her class teacher, Miss Ani, Ranti starts a Christmas journal where she details all the amazing things that take place in the city of Lagos during Christmas. Although there is no snow in Lagos, and no tower to visit, Ranti develops a newfound appreciation for Lagos, and discovers all the exciting reasons that make Christmas in Lagos so special.

Children will learn that you don't need to travel to exotic places to enjoy Christmas in your own town, city or village. Children will also learn the value of keeping a daily journal or diary.

This picture book is a celebration of all the wonderful things that make Christmas special in Lagos.

Readers of all ages will love following Ranti's journey through her Christmas diary, as she takes us through Lagos at Christmastime. It is also a celebration of all the things that make a Nigerian Christmas truly special, including Christmas concerts and Christmas carols in Nigerian languages.

Perfect for read-alouds and storytime.

Recommended for 4 - 8 year old children, preschoolers, kindergaten kids, toddlers and readers of all ages.