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Brittany Fichter

Cinderella: An Illustrated Fairy Tale Classic


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ella who wanted nothing more than to have magic. Not the kind of magic to cast spells. No, she wanted a different kind. Especially the day that her puppy, Bear, tried to play with the cat.

"Ella!" Her mother laughed when she saw Ella in the animal yard, covered in mud. "What are you doing?"

Ella sighed and let the wriggling puppy go. "He made the cat angry, and the cat scratched him all up, and now he won't let me help him." She frowned at the dog. "I wish I had magic. Then I could fix his cuts up with just a few magic words."

My Ella," her mother said, wiping the mud from Ella's face. "The magic God gives us isn't like fairy magic. Rather, it's the ability to show love. Love is our magic."

Ella began to rub healing medicine on the dog's cuts. "That doesn't make it easy."

"It isn't easy," her mother said. "But you have hands to heal with and a tongue with which to speak kind truths. Practice love, and your actions and words will be more powerful than you can know."

Inspired by the original tales of Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, Cinderella comes to life again in this story of love, faith, magic, and strength. As with all the Illustrated Fairy Tale Classics, this book is brought to life by Paavo's whimsical watercolor illustrations, this story will inspire children and adults alike time and time again as Ella discovers just how far the magic of love can take her.