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Kelsey Johnson

Constellations for Kids: An Easy Guide to Discovering the Stars


Explore the constellations with this guide to navigating the sky for kids.

Over thousands of years, stargazers have noticed shapes in the stars, also called constellations. Different cultures have seen mythical animals and heroes within these constellations, and many travelers have used the stars as a guide for their journeys. Constellations for Kids will show young astronomers how to read the night sky as they discover more than 25 unique constellations.

From Canis Major to Cassiopeia, each constellation includes easy-to-read sky maps and step-by-step instructions for identifying it in the night sky. You'll also learn how to use bright stars as guides to show you where to find each constellation.

This constellations book includes:

  • Beginner-friendly content―Build up your knowledge of astronomy with simple explanations of key concepts that help you gain a solid understanding of stargazing.
  • Simple line illustrations―Easily see the shape of each constellation thanks to line illustrations overlaid on the night sky.
  • Fun facts and mythology―Learn about all kinds of cool celestial facts and ancient mythology. Did you know Lyra is the only Greek constellation that is a musical instrument?

Explore the stories written in the stars with this fun guide to the constellations.