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Core Skills Phonics Workbook Grade 1


The Core Skills Phonics series guides students to become successful and confident readers. The skill-specific practice pages link phonics with spelling and reading so students build language skills through integrated activities.

Lessons include the following features:

- skill boxes that introduce the sounds of consonants and vowels

- ample practice opportunities to apply the rule

- context activities to give students additional practice in reading words with phonics skill

In addition, Core Skills Phonics provides periodic reviews to check students' understanding, a By Me! book at the end of each unit to develop reading comprehension, and unit assessments to check for skill mastery.

Available for Kindergarten-Grade 4, this series provides students with a solid foundation for reading success.

Kindergarten 978-0-544-26773-2

Grade 1 978-0-544-26774-9

Grade 2 978-0-544-26775-6

Grade 3 978-0-544-26776-3

Grade 4 978-0-544-26777-0