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Andrea Tsurumi

Crab Cake: Turning the Tide Together


Kirkus Best Book / Publishers Weekly Best Book
"Readers come away with the idea that nourishing and supporting one another is the only way to change the world."-Kirkus, STARRED review

" A] wholly original and moving affirmation of one crab's power to bring a community together."-Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

Crab follows his heart in the wake of a disaster and discovers that everyone' talents have value when applied with generosity. Feed your craving for a hilarious, heart-warming story with Crab Cake. Humorous, intricate illustrations are perfect to engage readers aged 3-7 while teaching gentle lessons of civic engagement and rallying together as a community.

Under the sea, fish do what fish do: Seahorse hides, Pufferfish puffs up, Parrotfish crunches coral, and Crab . . . bakes cakes?
Scallop swims, Dolphin blows bubbles, and . . . Crab bakes cakes.
And so life goes on, until one night when everything changes with a splash
In the face of total disaster, can Crab's small, brave act help the community come together and carry on?


About the Author
Andrea Tsurumi is an author-illustrator-cartoonist and the creator of Accident!, her debut picture book. Her favorite whale is the beluga, and her favorite cake is all of them. Originally from New York, she now lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog. Find her online at and on Instagram at @atsurumi.