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H. A. Rey

Curiosity Is...


Curious George knows that with a little curiosity, you can do anything A perfect gift for preschool graduates or any kid who loves asking questions, this rhyming picture book has surprise die-cut reveals on every page.

Curiosity is taking a whole different view. So go and explore all the things you can do

Who better to explore all the wonderful things curiosity can be than Curious George? Curious George and curious kids know that meeting someone new, trying something different, and learning from mistakes make each day more exciting and offer opportunities to grow. This gift book with a sweet rhyming text and surprising reveals on every sturdy page is a perfect gift for graduation, starting a new school, or any new adventure


About the Author
H. A. Rey and his wife, Margret, first introduced the world to the bighearted, fun-loving troublemaker-hero Curious George in 1941, and young readers have been in love with him ever since.