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Jonathan Hickman

Dawn of X Vol. 1


Get in on the ground floor of the Dawn of X Jonathan Hickman rewrites all the rules and reinvents the X-Men universe for a new and exciting era Hickman himself helms the adventures of a powerhouse team of X-MEN in a world of fresh possibilities - and co-writes the reunited NEW MUTANTS on a cosmic quest to find their missing friend And more of the industry's best and brightest talents take on uncanny X-squads X-FORCE - the CIA of the mutant world, one half intelligence, the other half special ops Captain Kate Pryde and her MARAUDERS of the high seas A new Captain Britain leads EXCALIBUR - made up of Rogue, Gambit, Rictor, Jubilee...and Apocalypse But who are the FALLEN ANGELS?
Collecting X-MEN (2019) #1, X-FORCE (2019) #1, MARAUDERS #1, EXCALIBUR (2019) #1, FALLEN ANGELS (2019) #1 and NEW MUTANTS (2019) #1.