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Dinosaur Encyclopedia for Kids: The Big Book of Prehistoric Creatures


Dig up dino facts with this fun encyclopedia for kids ages 4 to 8

Dinosaurs are some of the most amazing animals that ever walked the Earth! They could be as tall as a four-story building or as small as a chicken. Some had spectacular spikes or hardened scales, while others had fantastic frills or vibrant feathers. This book gives kids an exciting glimpse into the Age of Dinosaurs with awe-inspiring facts about how they lived, what they looked like, and more.

This standout among dinosaur books for kids encourages them to:

  • Discover dinos by eraーKids will learn about 90 different dinosaurs, organized by the prehistoric era in which they lived.
  • Find kid-friendly factsーThis dinosaur book helps kids expand their dino knowledge with bite-sized facts, a pronunciation guide, and a glossary with easy-to-understand definitions.
  • Explore colorful illustrationsーInspire kids to travel back in time through detailed artwork that brings the dinosaurs to life.

Get a dinosaur encyclopedia kids will love and learn from, with the Dinosaur Encyclopedia for Kids.