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Laurence Pringle

Elephants!: Strange and Wonderful


Learn all about the elephant in this nonfiction picture book that explores every aspect of these giant mammals.

This latest title in the Strange and Wonderful series allows young readers to journey into the lives of elephants in various habitats throughout the world. Kids will learn how elephants use their trunk, how they communicate, what they eat, and about their family groupings. The book also shows how we can ensure that elephants continue to live and thrive. Combining careful research and beautiful illustrations, this book is perfect for those who have an interest in animals and conservation.


About the Author
Laurence Pringle has written more than one hundred books for children and teenagers, including the Secret Life series, among many other award-winning science titles. Internationally, his books have sold more than three million copies. Visit

Meryl Henderson has illustrated numerous children's books including all of the books in the Strange and Wonderful series. Visit