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Kerstin Brichzin

Felix's New Skirt


Felix likes to wear skirts. He thinks they're fun--plus he likes the way his legs move in them. His family doesn't mind, but that's not the case for Felix's classmates. Their merciless teasing makes him want to give up school for good. Can Felix's parents come up with a way to validate Felix's expression, while also teaching the other children a lesson in acceptance? A timely picture book that tackles themes of empathy and tolerance in a world where it's tough to be different.


About the Author

Kerstin Brichzin has written numerous award-winning children's stories, as well as thrillers and mysteries for older readers. She currently works as an educator in a Cologne kindergarten.

Igor Kuprin's illustrations have been featured in numerous international magazines, as well as on book covers and in children's books. He lives with his family in Hamburg, Germany.