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Kasey Compton

Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers: Your Business Is Like A Patient, You Just Have To Treat It That Way


The biggest barrier entrepreneurs face is the insurmountable number of obstacles to overcome, coupled with the lack of time to find solutions to them all. They are trapped in the mindset that in order to be successful they must do everything, but they don't know where to start. How do you determine what needs to be fixed first? How do you accurately prioritize your To-Do list? If only you had a compass and a roadmap, you could navigate your business's problems with confidence.

As healthcare professionals, we often think we're ill-equipped to operate our business because we don't have an MBA. Though in reality, we are the best suited for this role because of our background. Healthcare professionals have been trained to assess, diagnose, and treat patients to help them reach their wellness goals. It just so happens that those are the same skills needed to operate a successful business.

Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers gives healthcare entrepreneurs a diagnostic assessment tool, the Healthcare Hierarchy of Needs (HHN), which serves as their compass. The HHN diagnoses a business based on identified core needs on three foundational levels: SALES, PROFIT, and ORDER. It is within the levels that one is able to prioritize the needs of a business. Once the diagnosis has been determined, a treatment plan can be designed, just like it would be for a patient. The treatment plan is the roadmap.

With a compass and roadmap in hand, you will never feel lost. You will always know your starting point, have a clear destination, and be able to navigate your business's obstacles confidently.