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John Feierabend

Had a Little Rooster


Had a Little Rooster is the latest lavishly illustrated children's songtale from GIA Publications, Inc. A cumulative song that has been shared for more than 100 years, each verse of "Had a Little Rooster" introduces a new character and a new sound that must be added to the previous verse. Cumulative songs are tons of fun for kids, challenging singers to use more and more breath and to remember an ever-increasing cast of characters and sounds. The song can be downloaded with a code included in the book.


About the Author
John M. Feierabend is Professor Emeritus and former Director of the Music Education Division of The Hartt School of the University of Hartford. JaimeLynn Morrow has illustrated a whimsical barnyard soirée in mixed media inks. This book embodies her style and artistic approach.