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Julissa Mora

Hello, Baby Animals: A High-Contrast Book


What's going on, zebra? Quack quack, baby duck. Hola, baby owl

Making connections between images on a page and the real world is an important building block for your baby's communication skills--and this charming introduction to ten baby animals, paired with friendly greetings and bold, basic patterns, provides a great high-contrast experience for young developing eyes. As newborns' vision is not developed enough to recognize colors, severe black-and-white contrast of patterns and images allow their eyes to differentiate between what they're seeing. Sure to grab little ones' attention

Also available: Hello, Ocean Friends and Hello, Garden Bugs. Coming soon: Hello, My World.

Board Book.

About the Author
Julissa Mora is a children's illustrator and surface designer living in Brooklyn, N.Y. She enjoys creating whimsical scenes filled with cute and playful characters. She has illustrated a number of books, editorial publications, toy packaging designs, and puzzles, and has created work for many other applications.