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Shelley Rotner

Hello Spring!


A vibrant celebration of the natural changes and human joys of springtime

A cacophonous celebration of nature's return to vibrancy after a long, quiet winter, Hello Spring features bright, enticing photographs from award-winning National Geographic photographer Shelley Rotner.

The simple, lyrical text speckled with action-packed verbs--Crocuses tease . . . Dandelions dot . . . Cherry blossoms pop and parade . . . --is accessible for new readers as it introduces the glories and biological rhythms of springtime.

The bright nature photographs will have young readers bursting with enthusiasm for the season as they learn about the changes in the landscape, as snow melts and living things begin to grow.

Shelley Rotner's energetic portraits of diverse children add vitality and warmth to this celebration of the season, showcasing the joy of kids interacting with the natural world.

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About the Author
Shelley Rotner brings a depth of experience and knowledge to her books with a diverse background as an elementary school teacher, museum educational specialist and UNICEF photographer. She is an award winning author and photo-illustrator of over twenty books. She lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.