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Renée Felice Smith

Hugo and the Impossible Thing


Hugo has one goal - to conquer the Impossible Thing.

At the edge of the forest stood the Impossible Thing. All the animals in the forest often wondered what was beyond the Impossible Thing, but since everyone said getting through it would be impossible, no animal ever tried.

Until a brave little dog named Hugo decides he just might be up to the challenge. With determination and some unexpected help from his friends, Hugo learns that what may seem impossible might just be possible after all.


About the Author
Renée Felice Smith and Chris Gabriel are creative partners who met in the sixth grade and still really, really like each other. Together, they wrote and directed their first feature film, The Relationtrip. They are currently in development with various television projects. Smith plays Nell Jones on CBS's NCIS: LOS ANGELES. Gabriel is a composer for film, television and theatre. Hugo and The Impossible Thing is their first picture book. For more info, visit


Sydney Hanson is a children's book illustrator living in Sierra Madre, California. Her illustrations reflect early adventures growing up with numerous pets and brothers in Minnesota and are marked by a love for animals and the natural world. She works in a combination of traditional and digital media to create her illustrations - her favorites are watercolor and colored pencil. When she's not drawing she enjoys running, baking and poking around in the woods with with her family. To see all of her latest animals and illustrations please follow her on Instagram @sydwiki.