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Chris Meadows

I AM D-1, How to Conquer the World of Travel Basketball


In my decades of training and coaching basketball and seeing athletes go on to Division 1 programs, I've seen some tremendous success stories, as well as players and families who struggled along the way, for various reasons. Over the years, I have compiled my experiences and observations into concrete thoughts that became the foundation for this book. Here, I attempt to point out some of the roadblocks, challenges, and opportunities that await student athletes and families who pursue D-1 scholarships on the road of travel basketball This book is written for you, the parent who wants to support and advocate for your child, to prepare and equip you for success. This book is also written for you, the student athlete, as you learn to OWN the journey, and take responsibility for all YOU can do to claim the prize you seek: a scholarship and a place on a D-1 roster. I have endeavored to speak to both audiences in this book-the parent and the player. The path of D-1 sports is not an easy one, but it IS a memorable one. I hope this book will provide you with the information and direction you need to be successful, and to enjoy every minute of your journey on the road of travel basketball.