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Elizabeth McChesney

Keke's Super-Strong Double Hugs


Keke loves her family-Mom; Dad; her big brother, Noah; and Clyde, their unruly dog. They all live together in an apartment that reaches high into the sky. They love to be out on the go, getting fro-yo, visiting the library, taking Clyde to the dog park, going for walks, and visiting their grandmas at their retirement home. And wherever they go, Keke makes everyone happy with her Keke Super-Strong Double Hugs.

But then one day, Keke and her family aren't allowed to go out anymore-no getting fro-yo, no going to the library, and no visiting her grandmas. There is a pandemic happening, with lots of people getting sick and some even dying. So everyone must stay home to stay safe. Keke feels scared and angry sometimes as the pandemic stays and stays. Then she has an idea: What if the family could do fun things, just like they used to do, while also staying home? Together Keke's family can find ways to enjoy themselves while also staying safe.

In this children's story, one little girl and her family deal with having to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic and discover new ways of doing things together.


About the Author

Elizabeth McChesney has been a children's librarian for more than thirty years and worked as the citywide director of Children's Services and Family Engagement for the Chicago Public Library. She now serves the Laundry Cares Foundation and is a Senior Advisor to the Urban Libraries Council. She is the co-author of two professional books and has taught children's literature at Dominican University.
Judy Schiffman has worked with children for forty years as a teacher, therapist and administrator. Since 2008, she has been director of children's grief services at the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute. She has taught child development and counseling in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University Medical Center.

Steve Musgrave has worked as an illustrator in Chicago since 1979. His clients include the Chicago Public Library, the Lincoln Park Zoo and Lurie Children's Hospital. His art is also prominent throughout the City of Chicago.