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Chana Stiefel

Let Liberty Rise!: How America's Schoolchildren Helped Save the Statue of Liberty


How did 121,000 Americans save their most beloved icon? Here is an inspiring story about the power we have when we all work together

* This charming history title is a true inspiration for the present. An informative must-have for all libraries. -- School Library Journal, starred review

All rise to this evocative, empowering offering. -- Kirkus Reviews

A] true tale of cooperation among all ages. -- Publishers Weekly

On America's 100th birthday, the people of France built a giant gift It was one of the largest statues the world had ever seen -- and she weighed as much as 40 elephants And when she arrived on our shores in 250 pieces, she needed a pedestal to hold her up. Few of America's millionaires were willing to foot the bill.

Then, Joseph Pulitzer (a poor Hungarian immigrant-cum-newspaper mogul) appealed to his fellow citizens. He invited them to contribute whatever they could, no matter how small an amount, to raise funds to mount this statue. The next day, pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters poured in. Soon, Pulitzer's campaign raised enough money to construct the pedestal. And with the help of everyday Americans (including many thousands of schoolchildren ) the Statue of Liberty rose skyward, torch ablaze, to welcome new immigrants for a life of freedom and opportunity

Chana Stiefel's charming and immediate writing style is perfectly paired with Chuck Groenink's beautiful, slyly humorous illustrations. Back matter with photographs included.


About the Author
Chana Stiefel is the author of more than 25 books for kids. She loves visiting schools and libraries as well as sharing her passion for reading and writing with children. She earned a master's degree in Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting from New York University. Follow her at @chanastiefel on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. Visit Chana at
Chuck hails from an overgrown village among the peat bogs in the north of the Netherlands, where he spent his formative years climbing trees, drawing, reading, and cycling. He attended the Artez Institute of Visual Arts in Kampen, graduating from the Department of Illustration in 2004. He moved to Portland, Oregon, in 2010, and now resides in Valatie, New York, with his wife, dog, and two cats. Visit Chuck at