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Igor Plohl

Lucas Makes a Comeback


Lucas fell, and now he lives with a disability. A story of grit and resilience.

When Lucas falls off a ladder, he damages his spine and can't use his legs anymore. He can't stand on them and he can't walk on them.

Read about how, with self-determination as well as with the love of friends and family, Lucas can drive a car, play sports, and be a teacher again

The author, Igor Plohl, used his own experiences as a paraplegic and as a teacher to speak to children about disability,
resilience, and grit.


About the Author
Igor Plohl (pronounced EE-gor PLAHL) was born and raised in Slovenia, where he teaches at a primary school and lectures extensively on physical disability and spinal cord injury. After falling from a ladder at the age of twenty-nine, he injured his spinal cord and became paraplegic. He shares his experience in an autobiographical book for adults and three children's books, including Lucas at the Paralympics, published by Holiday House in Summer 2021. You can learn more about Igor Plohl on his website:

Urska Stropnik Sonc graduated from the Faculty of Education in Maribor for book illustration. Her first picture book illustrations were published in 1997. Since then, she has illustrated more than 70 books. She lives with her husband and three sons in Velenje, Slovenia.