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Judith Koppens

Mila Misses Mommy


An endearing, simple story about emotions, starting school and missing your mommy or daddy. For toddlers ages 30 months and up, with a focus on the child's emotions.

Mila has a tummy ache. She's at school but she doesn't really want to participate or play with the other kids in class. She doesn't feel like playing with puzzles or blocks. She doesn't even feel like eating snacks. Her teacher knows just what it is: I think you miss your mommy, Mila. Luckily, Mila's friends, Sen and Liza, are there to cheer her up. With their help, Mila finds that she doesn't miss her mommy as much anymore.


About the Author
Judith Koppens has been an author and illustrator for many years. Children are her most important source of inspiration. Their enthusiasm and honesty are always part of her work. Judith lives in the Netherlands and works as a teacher at an elementary school.