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Hannah Sherman

Mindfulness Workbook for Kids: 60+ Activities to Focus, Stay Calm, and Make Good Choices


Fun activities to help kids ages 8 to 12 learn mindfulness

Mindfulness can help kids overcome challenges, take care of big feelings, and learn from their experiences and the world around them. This book about mindfulness for kids provides fun exercises and easy strategies to help your child find focus, develop coping skills, and handle tough situations.

Kids will start their mindfulness journey with practical tools that help them act with kindness toward themselves and others, live with greater positivity and joy, and deal with common issues like impulsiveness, anxiety, and concentration.

This mindfulness workbook for kids includes:

  • Intro to mindfulness―Explore what mindfulness is, how it can benefit kids, and simple ways to tune in to thoughts and feelings.
  • Calming exercises―Discover more than 60 engaging mindfulness activities that encourage movement, meditation, breathing, and introspection.
  • A range of topics―Take a deep dive into topics like staying calm in tough situations, working with worries, making good decisions, showing compassion, and starting and ending the day on a positive note.

Empower kids with mindfulness tools that will benefit them for their entire lives with the Mindfulness Workbook for Kids.