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Sam McBratney

Mindi and the Goose No One Else Could See


A charming new story from the author of Guess How Much I Love You offers an original--and heartening--take on childhood anxiety.

Once there was a girl called Mindi who was afraid of something that no one else could see. This thing that she was afraid of, this thing that no one else could see, was a big goose. It came into her room as quietly as a thought comes into your head. . . .

When a little girl named Mindi says she is being visited by a big goose--a scary creature that is visible only to her--her devoted dad and mom try everything they can think of to drive it away. But maybe some outside assistance is warranted from their wise friend Austen, a farmer who knows what is needed to help Mindi turn her mind to something new. In a sensitive exploration of childhood fears, Sam McBratney, the author of Guess How Much I Love You, narrates with charm, wit, and a touch of whimsy, while Linda lafsd ttir's delicate illustrations enhance the modern fairy-tale feel in a story that is sure to become a bedtime favorite.


About the Author
Sam McBratney (1943-2020) is the author of the internationally best-selling classic Guess How Much I Love You and its sequel, Will You Be My Friend?, as well as All My Favorites, all illustrated by Anita Jeram. He also wrote Just You and Me and There, There, both illustrated by Ivan Bates, and Mindi and the Goose No One Else Could See, illustrated by Linda Ólafsdóttir, among many other books for children.

Linda Ólafsdóttir is the author-illustrator of Play? She is also the illustrator of In Grandma's Garden by Brenda West Cockerell as well as a series of retold fairy tales by Diane Namm. Her artwork has appeared on stamps, cereal boxes, and children's clothing. She lives in Reykjavík, Iceland.