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Wade Bradford

Mr. Complain Takes the Train


In this interactive story that encourages positivity and gratitude, a fussy fellow takes an extraordinary train ride, yet remains thoroughly unimpressed. Readers will hoot with laughter at this silly sendup of the sourpusses of the world. After all, doesn't everyone know a Mr. Complain or two?

Mr. Complain is ready for his vacation in Dullsville, but on the train ride there, nothing is the way he likes it. First, the engine is too loud. Then, the passengers are too happy. Plus, the cars are too crowded, the seats are too lumpy, and his seatmate is too prickly. And that's all before the train even leaves the station

Will Mr. Complain ever be able to relax and enjoy the ride? Find out as he travels through mountains, volcanoes, caves, and even oceans in this silly interactive story that's perfect for train- and animal-loving kids.


About the Author
Wade Bradford is the author of several picture books and over thirty plays for children. He lives outside of Los Angeles., Twitter: @dramaplays, Instagram: @camp_omigosh

S. britt is the illustrator of many picture books. He lives in Winterville, Georgia., Facebook: @sbrittdoodles