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Richard Jones



A little lost dog searches for a home and family in this beautiful, heartwarming story from Richard Jones, illustrator of The Snow Lion and Paper Planes.

"Perdu's quiet quest for home is a sweet journey worth taking." --Booklist

Little Perdu is lost and alone, with nowhere to call his home. Outside, the sky is dark, the wind howls, and the grass is cold beneath his paws. In the busy city, people rush and race and cry, "Get out! Go away! Shoo!" Is there no place for Perdu to rest his aching legs and fill his grumbling tummy? If only there was a special someone who might be looking for a friend like him.

In his debut as an author-illustrator, Richard Jones delivers a beautiful, moving story about kindness, friendship, and finding a forever family. Gorgeous illustrations help guide a satisfying emotional journey, from a somber beginning to a joyful conclusion. For all pet lovers, especially shelter dog and pet adoption advocates.