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Kevin Ujvary

Ralphie Rhino's Big Game!


This book has an incredible message that will come to light when you reach the end. It will teach children to not be afraid when it is time to compete or participate not only in team sports or events but also individual goals. Now more than ever, we are judged on our appearance or our abilities, which is often hard on a child that doesn't feel like they quite fit in. So I wrote this book to show children that the one thing that might make them seem like they just don't just might be the one thing that sets them apart and gives them what they need to contribute in this wonderful game of life. God gave me the inspiration for this book about Ralphie, as it is really about all of us trying to find acceptance from those around us. It is my hope that this book gives your child the courage and hope he or she needs to step forward and grab what is theirs. This is the first book that will soon be a series on the life, trials, and times of Ralphie rhino. I truly hope you find it as enjoyable to read as it was for me to write it. Thank you all and may all the glory be to God.