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Eloise Greenfield

Rosa Parks


A chapter book biography for early readers about one of the women who sparked the Civil Rights movement, by legendary author Eloise Greenfield and with illustrations by Gil Ashby.

When Rosa Parks was growing up in Montgomery, Alabama, she hated the unfair rules that black people had to live by--like drinking out of special water fountains and riding in the back of the bus. Years later, Rosa Parks changed the lives of African American in Montgomery--and all across America--starting with one courageous act. How could one quiet, gentle woman have started it all? This is her story.

Complete with black-and-white illustrations by Gil Ashby, this chapter book by bestselling and award-winning author Eloise Greenfield is the perfect introduction to Rosa Parks for early readers.

* Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies (NCSS/CBC) * Carter G. Woodson Book Award *