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Moira Butterfield

Sing Like a Whale: Learn How to Make a Noise Like the Animals Do!


Learn how to squeak, roar and hoot like
the animals do with this bright, fun and silly picture book exploring sound for
young children!

Hoot like an owl, howl like a wolf, and sing like a whale.
Everyone needs to get their message and feelings across, animals included! Meet
a collection of 12 animals from around the world and discover the sounds they
make, and why. The book features a different creature on each spread, along
with dynamic type design and illustrations to help the kids mimic each animal

The perfect book to read aloud one-to-one, or as a fun
activity to engage a group of young children and get them using their voices
and moving their bodies!


A humpback whale (a male one) might want to call his
humpback friends.

But how, when the sea's so wide?

Easy! He sings through the water.

Hoooooooo. Hoooooooo. Long and low.

Can you do the same?

Let's hear!

Call for a friend. Hoooo! Hoooo!

Swim around like a whale with flappy flippers.

Look out for another whale . . .

Sing a hello! Hoooo! Hoooo!

Sing a hello! Hoooo! Hoooo!