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Stephanie Middleberg

The Big Book of Organic Baby Food: Baby Purées, Finger Foods, and Toddler Meals for Every Stage


Help your baby eat right with 200+ homemade purees, solid foods, and whole meals

Discover a giant collection of natural, organic, and irresistible baby food recipes to nourish your baby from infancy through the toddler years and beyond. From single-ingredient purees to complete meals that can be shared with the whole family, you'll learn how you can create nutritious baby foods with ease.

Filled with tasty dishes like Sweet Potato Puree, Maple-Glazed Salmon, and Roasted Green Beans, this baby food cookbook offers tons of healthy and wholesome recipes designed to accommodate a wide range of tastes and needs.

This baby food book features:

  • An overview of ages and stages--Each chapter covers developmental changes and provides FAQs to help inform your nutritional decisions.
  • Purees, smoothies, finger foods--Choose from more than 150 recipes that will take your little one from purees to solid foods.
  • Family fare--Take dinner to the next level with 70+ recipes designed to be enjoyed by your child but shared with the whole family.

Help your child grow with the healthy, homemade, organic foods inside this baby cookbook.