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Sharon Duke Estroff

The Bridge to Sharktooth Island: A Challenge Island Steam Adventure


For fans of The Magic School Bus and Magic Tree House, new friendships, mysterious forces, and an island adventure awaits in The Bridge to Sharktooth Island as you delve into the mechanics of bridge-building fun!

Challenge Island, a line of STEAM-centric adventures, debuts with The Bridge to Sharktooth Island.
--Publishers Weekly, Fall 2020 Children's Announcements

One minute Daniel and his cousin Joy are playing in the snow--and the next they are stranded on a mysterious island surrounded by sharks!

Where are they now and how did they get here? And how will they get back home?

With new friend Kimani, the kids find clues to these and other mysteries. To escape the island, they have to work together and build a bridge to safety!

This thrilling adventure is packed with fun STEAM activities you can do at home: build your own bridge, mix up a blue slime ocean, and design ferocious paper sharks.

From the world's #1 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education enrichment program, Challenge Island(R) presents an exciting new adventure book series for smart, curious kids.