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Melissa Assaly

The Imperfect Garden


What do you think a two-legged carrot would taste like? What about a crabby-faced apple? Jay makes some surprising discoveries after he plants and cares for a garden with his mother. Jay learns that naturally grown food can grow to look different than what he is used to buying at the grocery store. He is delighted to discover the hilarious, misshapen fruits and vegetables. To his amazement, they all taste the same, maybe better even What a waste it would be to throw them out.

It seems foolish to throw away an absurd amount of food because it looks a little different -- especially when children love those funny shaped foods


About the Author

Melissa Assaly is an elementary school teacher who lives with her husband and son, Jay, in Toronto, Ontario. When she is not teaching she enjoys travelling and cooking and especially gardening with Jay and finding funny shaped fruits and vegetables!

April dela Noche Milne is a freelance illustrator born in Montreal and raised in Vancouver. She enjoys drawing, reading, and planning elaborate birthday parties for herself. This is her first children's book.