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Colin Hosten

The Magic Is in You


Beloved Disney moments of bravery and resilience will inspire you in this gorgeous, timeless picture book--the perfect graduation, life milestone, or everyday gift for kids and adults alike.

No matter where life leads you, the magic is in you to overcome any obstacle! From Rapunzel finding the courage to face her fears to Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey discovering the strength within himself to make magic, the memorable Disney scenes in this book share moments of bravery and determination that will inspire readers to keep pursuing their dreams, no matter what challenges they might encounter on the journey there.

With each scene brought to life in lush watercolors, kids and adults alike will be captivated and encouraged by Disney's perennial messages of perseverance and believing in yourself.

This inspirational Disney storybook is perfect for readers of all ages--and is a wonderful gift for both milestone celebrations and creating everyday magic.