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Josie Sevelius

The Most Colorful Butterfly


The Most Colorful Butterfly is an inspirational story of a little butterfly who earns her colors through life's colorful experiences. The Most Colorful Butterfly teaches children about overcoming adversity, creating their own story, and embracing who they are. One morning, a butterfly mother is teaching her children how to fly. When one little girl notices that she does not look like the rest of her siblings she becomes upset. The little butterfly is sad that she is not as colorful as everyone else. Her mother encourages her to create her own colors. The Most Colorful Butterfly then decides to make the most of her life. She jumps down from the branch and flies all around the countryside touching various things that will put color into her wings. After she flies through the rainbow and is full of every color that she could imagine for herself, she realizes that she was beautiful all along. She begins to miss how she used to look and decides to keep some of the blank spots she was born with. In the process of wanting more, she learned to love herself for who she is. She welcomed her new colors and embraced her old self as well.