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The Run


A boy dawdling in the bathroom to read is taken by surprise when the characters in his book come to life in this quirky picture book perfect for young readers with a silly sense of humor or beginning potty training

A young boy takes a new book into the bathroom to read. But what a strange story One by one, all sorts of animals--a cow, a polar bear, a lion, and more--race across the pages. But where are they running to? Then, the boy's reading is interrupted by a loud knock on the bathroom door. The very same creatures are outside, lined up to use the toilet

This story within a story is sure to have kids giggling with its "potty" humor and shenanigans.


About the Author
Barroux studied photography, art, sculpture, and architecture in France at the famous École Estienne and École Boule. He went on to work as an art director in Paris and Montreal. While in Montreal, Barroux began illustrating by creating linocut images, and he is now well known for his children's book illustrations.