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Jessie James

The Wall


Tom is a little boy who LOVES to explore. "The world is a beautiful place, Tom thought. When I grow up, I will be a great explorer."

But one day, he hears the grown-ups talking about the monsters that live in the big wide world. Before long, they build a giant wall to keep the monsters out--forever. Tom is told NOT to go over the wall. "It's dangerous out there," his grandmother tells him. What could be so monstrous over the wall and who are these monsters?

Soon, Tom receives a message saying "Hello!" from the other side of the wall. Curious, he climbs over, and what do you think he finds?

Life becomes dreary when you are cut off from the wonders of the world and Tom realizes there is a need for change. A true story of friendship and community, The Wall shows the importance of communities coming together and inclusivity. A perfect book to show the value of opening your heart and mind.