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Tom Nicoll

There's a Dragon in My Toilet


In this hilarious new series featuring Pan, a Mini-Dragon and Eric his new found friend, Pan has settled in to life with Eric when his aunt and uncle show up to take him home. Can Pan outsmart them and figure out a way to stay at Eric's house?

Just when Pan the Mini-Dragon is starting to feel like Eric's bedroom is home, his grouchy aunt and uncle turn up on a rescue mission. When he refuses to go back with them, they REALLY cause a stink Will Pan manage to get them off his tail and avoid a trip through the sewers?


About the Author
Tom Nicoll has been writing since he was in school, where he enjoyed trying to fit in as much silliness in his essays as he could possibly get away with. When not writing, he enjoys playing video games (especially the ones where he gets beaten by kids half his age from all over the world). He is also a big comedy, TV, and movie nerd. Tom lives just outside Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife and two daughters.

Sarah Horne grew up in Derbyshire, England, and spent much of her childhood scampering in the nearby fields with a few goats. An illustrator for more than 15 years, she started her illustration career working freelance for newspapers and magazines. When not at her desk, Sarah loves running, painting, photography, cooking, movies, and a good stomp up a hill. She can currently be found giggling under some paper in her London studio.