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W. Awdry

Thomas' Big Book of Beginner Books


Thomas' Big Book of Beginner Books offers the following Thomas & Friends backlist favorites: Stop, Train, Stop ; A Crack in the Track; Go, Train, Go ; Blue Train, Green Train; Trains, Cranes & Troublesome Trucks; and Fast Train, Slow Train. The texts are tailored to beginning readers and will delight boys ages 3-6, whether they read them solo or listen to them read aloud.


About the Author
In the early 1940s, a loving father crafted a small, blue, wooden engine for his son, Christopher. The stories that this father, THE REVEREND W AWDRY, made up to accompany this wonderful toy were first published in 1945. He continued to create new adventures and characters until 1972 when he retired from writing. Reverend Awdry died in 1997 at age 85.