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Margaret Read MacDonald

Too Many Fairies: A Celtic Tale


There was once an old woman who hated chores. "Work Work Work How I hate it Hate it Hate it " One day some fairies show up. They... clankety-clankety-clankety--clean all the dishes. Swishety-swishety-swishety--sweep the house. Flumpety-flumpety-flumpety-- shake out the bedclothes. Clickety-clickety-clickety--work on all the knitting. But then there is nothing left to do. So, they tear everything apart and start again Clankety-clankety-clankety, swishety-swishety-swishety... The fairies are driving the old woman crazy How will she get them to leave? Lively watercolor illustrations add to this Celtic retelling by master storyteller Margaret Read MacDonald. An author's note is also included.