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Laura Knowles

What a Submarine Sees: A Fold-Out Journey Under the Waves


A little yellow sub is heading beneath the waves . . .What strange things will the submarine see as it dives deeper and deeper?

Folding out to nearly 8 feet, children can look at all the different things the submarine sees on its way, as it travels past a pod of whales, across a coral reef and spooky shipwreck, and close to an underwater volcano and strange, deep-sea creatures. Playful text guides the journey, providing a fun shared experience and a conversation starter for parents and young children.

The reverse side of the concertina features spot illustrations picked out from the main scene. When you turn over the concertina there is more expansive information about all sorts of submersibles and amazing underwater life.

From the book:

All Sorts of Submarine

Submarines and submersibles come in all shapes and sizes. Huge, nuclear-powered naval submarines patrol the oceans, while small submersibles are used to explore shipwrecks and the secrets of the ocean floor. Some are designed simply for fun--after all, wouldn't you love to take a ride underwater?

Ocean Zones

As you travel down from the ocean's surface, less sunlight can get through the water, and it is colder. The various depths of the ocean are called "zones." Different animals have adapted to live in each zone.