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Jeanne Willis

What Are Little Girls Made Of?


Think you know your nursery rhymes? Then think again In this witty reworking of some nursery rhymes, Georgie Porgie doesn't dare to make the girls cry, Little Bo-Peep's sheep are all present and accounted for, thank you, and it's a female doctor, of course, who fixes Humpty Dumpty. With the combination of clever rhymes and charming, witty illustrations, this remixed nursery rhyme collection is the perfect gift book for any child (or adult ), to read aloud or enjoy alone.


About the Author
Jeanne Willis wrote her first book when she was five. After that, there was no turning back. She has since written more than three hundred books and has won several awards, which are arranged in the attic where she works along with her collection of caterpillars, pink-toed tarantula skins, and live locusts. Jeanne Willis lives in London.

Isabelle Follath is a freelance illustrator living in Zürich, Switzerland, with her husband and daughter. Having worked for advertising agencies, fashion magazines, and book publishers for more than fifteen years, her true passion lies in illustrating children's books. She uses pen and ink, watercolor, and pencil alongside digital techniques to create her work.