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Caryl Hart

When a Dragon Comes to Stay


Read the companion book, When a Dragon Goes to School, together with this adorable title. Little dragon visits her toddler friends. Will she behave herself? Of course! Dragons do their best to have good manners. But sometimes, everyone needs a reminder of how important they are. It will be hard for readers not to fall in love with the adorable dragon as she charms her friends and helps them learn their manners.


About the Author
Caryl Hart is a full-time children's writer, who also runs creative workshops with schools. Her Princess series, illustrated by Sarah Warburton, has sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the world. She lives in Sheffield, UK. Visit and on Twitter and Instagram @CarylHart.

Rosalind Beardshaw is the illustrator of several acclaimed children's books, including the bestselling I See the Moon. She lives in York, UK. Visit and on Twitter @RosBeardshaw and on Instagram @RosalindBeardshaw.