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Will Cleveland

Yo, Millard Fillmore! 2021 Edition: (And All Those Other Presidents You Don't Know)


Newly updated 2021 edition features our newest President, Joe Biden! Just who was the 13th president, anyway? Yo Millard Fillmore combines colorful cartoons and comic book captions to make memorizing all 46 American presidents a fun, family-friendly activity.

"Yo, Millard Fillmore! and Yo, Sacramento! are works of pure genius. I now know all the presidents and all the capitals of all the states. This is terrific. These books are fabulous, and witty, and a lot of fun." - Pat Conroy, New York Times best-selling author

In print continuously since 1992, Yo, Millard Fillmore! has delighted kids, parents, grandparents and teachers. Over 500,000 copies sold!

Celebrating 30 years of fun learning for all! In Yo Millard Fillmore, you will find a fast, easy way to learn and memorize the U.S. Presidents in just 20 minutes or less! Crazy, full-color cartoons and comic book-style captions create a nonsense tale that will help you remember the names of all 46 presidents in chronological order.

You'll also learn lots of fun facts and kid-friendly trivia about each president and the historical highlights from his term of office. Plus, this book is packed with mnemonics in the form of presidential puns, like "ray guns" for Ronald Reagan; "chef's son" for Thomas Jefferson; "fill more" for Millard Fillmore; and "oh, baaah, ma" for Barack Obama. With five Quick Quizzes and a special section titled, "What You Need to Know if You Want to be President," you'll soon be an authority on the highest office in the land - and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Yo Millard Fillmore is perfect for kids 8-11 and provides lots of fun and learning for the whole family. Using the book's simple mnemonic cartoons, you can surprise your friends by reciting all the presidents in a row, beginning with George Washington, our first president, all the way through to number 46, President Joe Biden.


About the Author
Will Cleveland attended Yale College and the University of Virginia law school. He spent 40 years practicing law, first in San Francisco and then Charleston, South Carolina. He was honored to serve as president of the International Association of Defense Counsel. He is now retired and is currently working on perfecting the design of the world's best tennis ball tossing machine.

Mark Alvarez has been a teacher and then a writer and editor, primarily of books and magazines about homebuilding and baseball. He lives in Connecticut.

An illustrator and fine art painter, Tate Nation has illustrated more than a dozen books, countless advertising campaigns, and scores of magazine covers and articles. His vivid, festive paintings and prints, noticeably influenced by his love of Caribbean art, are held in private and public collections worldwide.