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Teresa Anne Power

Yoga at the Museum


Lovable, curious Little Mouse is back to help children use yoga to solve problems and manage emotions in Yoga at the Museum, the third book in the Little Mouse Adventures series, written by award-winning author Teresa Power and illustrated by Emma Allen.

Little Mouse loves to doodle and daydream, which often gets in the way of his schoolwork!

When he and Mr. Opus, his wise yet lazy feline best friend, get the opportunity to tag along on a trip to the museum, they leap at the chance!

During their museum adventure, Little Mouse learns about famous artwork plus simple yoga poses related to the paintings. For example, (w)hen Little Mouse comes across a bright red flower, he relaxes in flower pose. This painting, Red Poppy, was done by Georgia OKeefe.

Upon his return home, Little Mouse is delighted to realize he can use his new knowledge to help him focus and stay calm during homework time!

Yoga at the Museum is a fun introduction to both yoga and art appreciation, gently blending humor, whimsy, and adventure with crucial life skills.

A wonderful and creative way to expose children to mindfulness through the arts! This book incorporates simple yoga poses as a reminder to parents and kids that we can find inspiration for wellness all around us--even in paintings at a museum. - Trinita Ervin, CEO and founder of Ladybug for Girls

This sweet book reminds us that even our youngest friends have frustrating moments, and it gives easy-to-do yoga poses to help calm and recenter our thoughts. - Liesl Mahoney, Associate Educator for School and Family Programs, Brandywine River Museum of Art

This delightful story shows children how creative exploration through art, yoga, and mindfulness practices can bring the balance needed to conquer even the trickiest parts of the day.- Jill Kelsey, Editor-in-Chief, First Time Parent Magazine