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Our Book Selections

There's no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books.


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Brightstory helps families discover truly special books about things that matter.

We know your families don’t need help finding popular titles like the utterly charming Elephant & Piggie or the latest Baby-sitters Club or Dogman installment. Instead we focus our efforts on surfacing wonderfully unique titles that readers might never stumble upon otherwise as well as highlighting popular titles that are simply must-reads.

We have a commitment to selecting books that:

  • Support strong, universal values. Think: empathy, equality, kindness, the natural world, justice, gratitude, wonder, inclusivity, and friendship. (We believe these themes are so important that we highlight them in our catalog descriptions for our younger audiences.)
  • Make kids think, laugh, share, and get excited about reading.
  • Feature characters with diverse experiences, identities and abilities to offer both mirrors and windows for children of all backgrounds.
  • Come from the brilliant minds of diverse creators.
  • Cover a variety of literary genres and subject matters.
  • Are fun and interesting for parents to read, too!

  • We read mountains of books each year to uncover the latest and greatest new releases and also bring forward cherished backlist titles that may have been popular long before your child was old enough to read them. 

    We aren't affiliated with any specific publishers and we don't need to unload old inventory, so we have the fabulous freedom to choose just the books we believe in and want to share with families.


    Choosing books for (and with) your kids. 

    Parents, remember: you know your children best. Don't feel limited to just the books listed for your child's age or grade level. Reading across a range is a great way for kids to build confidence or pursue their interest in a particular subject. That's one of the reasons we group our titles in three-year age spans.

    Reading out loud as a family is another easy way to make more challenging reads accessible for younger audiences and — trust us — older kids gain huge benefits from it, too. We also think reading together should be a blast for parents, so keep an eye out for what appeals to you. You'll be happy to read a book a thousand times over if you love it just as much as they do.