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Year-round School Fundraising

Raise money for your school all year long with Brightstory!

Did you know that any purchase your community makes on will send dollars back to your school, not just purchases during your virtual book fair? All year long, when families shop at Brightstory, 15% of their online book purchases will be donated. During your book fair(s), that donation amount jumps to 20%. 

Just like Amazon Smile or grocery store gift cards, it's an easy way for families to support your school while getting something valuable in return. (In this case, great new reads!) And you sure won't beat that hefty percentage.

Just include a link to anywhere you promote opportunities to give: your website, flyers, PA newsletters, or parent handbooks. It's the perfect no-effort way for Montessori, independent and public schools to raise money, all while championing literacy at home.

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