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Charlie Mylie

Anything with You: A Picture Book


With charming, expressive characters, lush autumn landscapes, and spare text, the picture book Anything with You by author-illustrator Charlie Mylie is a sweet story about how journeys are more about who you're with than where you're going.

A mouse and his friend are going on an adventure What are they going to find? They'll wander through the woods, looking everywhere and exploring everything. As they follow the trails and search together, they'll see that anything is more fun when you're with your best friend.

Another touching, heartfelt story from Charlie Mylie, the author-illustrator of Something for You.


About the Author
Charlie Mylie is the author-illustrator of Something for You. He is a Kansas City-based illustrator who spent years performing as "Pop Up Charlie," drawing on-the-spot watercolors by request across the country. He contributes drawings and ideas to the Rabbit Hole, the World's First Explor-A-Storium.